Shadows in the Dark

Storm Tower - Part 1

While travelling the King’s Road, Galen Windracer was attacked by beasts of the forest. They seemed un-natural in some way… Although saved from death, he was poisoned by the creatures. Before falling unconscious Galen passed something he called a Starstone on to Pantriss, telling her “The barriers of the world are breaking.”

Martin Bebenspeer investigated the forest where they appeared, and found disturbed earth, almost as if they had clawed themselves out of the ground…

Erdan’s peace was disturbed by the battle with the unnatural creatures and he joined in the fight. He followed the others back to Fallcrest, but would not enter the town. He still seems suspicious of others.

After Galen was carried back to Fallcrest, Dirina Mornbrow, the cleric of Erathis was consulted. The poison burning in Galen’s veins could be palliated – if not cured – by starflower extract. Nathan Faringray had seen starflowers growing by old Vanamere’s Tower to the west of Fallcrest.

At the tower, the dwarf stonemasons who were supposed to be repairing the tower were nowhere to be found, the tower had been invaded by bandits with yellow skulls painted on their faces, and the Fallcrest guards who had been left to guard them had been killed and raised as zombies.


Should my character not be introduced at all?

Storm Tower - Part 1

Add him in! The page should be editable…

Storm Tower - Part 1

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