Shadows in the Dark

Storm Tower - Part 2

Our heroes listened to the conversation of the yellowskull brigands in the dungeon beneath the tower, and found that a necromancer named Falck sought a golden skull concealed within. They descended a rope ladder into the room below (a room filled with half-painted murals of Vanamere – the builder of the tower – and her lover defeating a white dragon) and after a hard fight in which they barely escaped with their lives, killed the band of yellowskull brigands hiding there.

After rescuing the dwarves imprisoned by the yellowskull bandits, the party penetrated further into the dungeon, encountering Falck and his undead servitors. Falck appeared to recognise Martin Bebenspeer, and outed him to the party. “The blood of tieflings flows within your veins. Why do you oppose us?”

This revelation did not prevent the party from destroying him. As he and his undead minions were killed, they vanished in a burst of flame. But before he died, Falck prophesied that “Ravugar will destroy you all for this!”



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