Galen Windracer


Born in the shining city of the Feywild, Galen is Named.

Most eladrin have but one name. If they need to be distinguished from one another, it is from the area in which they are born, or live. Falor of the Feyblight. Norellith of the Woods. But there are other eladrin whose lives are not so simple. They are the Named.

At the time of their beginning, five years after their birth (and a year in the Feywild is the same as a human year, more or less, despite what the tales may say of the timeless places, and the shift, and the screaming ones), an eladrin is taken to the place of power, held in the air above their mother’s head and given their name. Falor. Or Norellith.

Or Galen.

But one time in a thousand, the augurs appear. The three fates. Some say they know the threads of destiny, some say they make the threads of destiny.

But each time, they give the child another name. Their true name.

Starsinger. Giantkiller. Fleshbiter. Murderer.

One of the Named is sometimes famed, sometimes infamous, sometimes revered, sometimes hated. They may never know what their Naming means is until it is upon them.

But a Naming always comes true.

At some point in his life, Galen knows that he will race the wind. Why he will do this, or how it will end, no-one knows. Only that it will happen.

And the other thing about the Named?

Their lives almost always end badly.

Quest: Race the Wind

At some point in his life, Galen will race the wind.

Quest: Find the Feyblight

Something strange has been happening in the Feywild; sections of it have been corrupted, darkened. Changed. Eladrin hunters have been sent into the World charged with finding the source of the corruption and reporting back. Each Finder has a starstone, a small chunk of enchanted crystal which glows in the presence of feyblight, and can be used to locate its source…

Galen Windracer

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