Martin Bebenspeer

Half Elf Scourge Warlock (with Warlord MC tendencies)


Name: Martin Bebenspeer Follower: Avandra

Parents were both half elves, and both their parents before that. His maternal great-grandmother is elven. As a result his appreciation of elven culture is slightly old fashioned and he has a tendency to use slightly archaic words or formulation when speaking elven.

Parents were merchant bankers and were quite successful until he reached the age of 16. He benefited from a “classical” education and good teachers. The plans were for him to train as an officer in the army (possibly a warlord), join the army for a while and then run for public office. He had enlisted a the local “cadet” school in Troylys and all seemed to go to plan.

Then everything went bad. His parents had made a large loan to Prince Xander the Prince of Arthankuni as part of his war campaign against the Inuknahtran. The Prince proved himself to be a remarkably poor leader of men, lost the campaign, then betrayed his elder brother (Prince Nadaar) in an attempt to get himself crowned king. Prince Xander,failed to kill brother, was caught red-handed and executed (though apparently the financing for the takeover was never located and there are recurring rumours that this was stored in a secret treasure trove). His supporters were scattered and (obviously) the loan was never repaid. Hence Martin’s parent’s went bankrupt, lost the family house, and he had to leave cadet school in a hurry

On the trip to return home and he got lost in woods and stumbled a feywild ruin where a clan of tieflings were battling a (dragon born) Evil Warlord devotee of Asmodeus called (Aznakard the red – a particularly nasty demonic warlord cursed by Asmodeus to serve him). He got caught in the struggle and ended up supporting and marshalling the tieflings in their fight to drive away Aznakard. He was desperatly wounded that night and sure to die from the Dragonborn’s power and the loss of blood but the tieflings took care of him and the tiefling shaman invoked terrible ancient demonic magic using the that night to heal Martin… (it involved ancient rites and a great deal of infusion of tiefling blood) it worked but there was a terrible blood price to pay. A few days later he awoke changed forever as his Warlock powers emerged – he still has a connection to Aznakard

(he has several tiefling tatoos on his left tricepts to mask the scars – these will be recognisable to Tiefling warlocks, shaman, & priests Tieflings as indicating a tiefling blood pact and a demon curse).

Family self exiled to barren region with what little money they had and opened a trading house. Martin was put in charge of accompanying small caravans of human traders. It was here that he developed his experience as a warlock (though some of his earlier military training occasionally surfaces).

Quests: Recover the familly loan… Track down Aznakard the red Anything against asmodeus

Languages: Human Elven (slighlty archaic) Tiefling (Basic)

Martin Bebenspeer

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