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  • Fallcrest

    Fallcrest stands amid the Moon Hills at the falls of the Nentir River. Here travelers and traders using the old King’s Road that runs north and south, the dwarven Trade Road from the east, and the river all meet. The surrounding ridges shelter several …

  • Nentir Vale

    [[Fallcrest]] lies near the middle of the broad borderland region known as the Nentir Vale. The vale is now mostly empty, with a handful of living villages and towns scattered over this wide area. Abandoned farmsteads, ruined manors, and broken keeps …

  • Hammerfast

    Hammerfast is a dwarven city at the edge of the mountains to the east of the [[Nentir Vale]]. A few miles to the east, Bordrin's Watch guards the pass through the mountains to the Orc Wastelands beyond.

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