House Rules

Drawing Two Weapons

For anyone with the two-weapon fighting feat, or dual-wielding rangers:
  • Drawing two weapons is a minor action
  • Sheathing two weapons is a minor action

Other characters must use a minor action to draw or sheath each weapon

Generating Your Character

  • Use the point-buy system or one of the standard arrays in the PHB
  • All WOTC released player classes/feats/paths etc are fine without asking (but not a monster race out of the back of a Monster Manual
    • If you want something special ask – we’ll see what we can do
    • I recommend using the D&D Character Builder to create your character – it does all the maths for you and is up-to-date with all errata
  • We are missing the following roles from the party, if you don’t already have a preferred character class…
    • Leader
    • Controller
    • Striker
    • Defender
  • Please also choose a list of three things that you’d like to happen in the game (eg “fight a dragon,” “receive an artifact,” or “be wrongfully imprisoned.”)
  • Choose as many backgrounds as you like (PHB2, Scales of War, Realms etc.) but you can only get one background bonus
  • Want your own personal Quests? Ask for them at any time, and I’ll assign an XP value and sort out a card…

Table Rules

  • All dice must be easily readable and rolled in the open
  • Cocked and floor dice get rerolled

The Fun List

We’re going to try out Greg Bilsland’s Fun List. If it is, indeed, fun, we’ll carry on using it. :)

House Rules

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