Aloof sword-wielding elf ranger. At home in the wild places of the world.


Wears hide and armed with two bastard swords and a longbow.

Particular Skills: Nature and plants…

detailed stats maintained on paper


first draft

Erdan grew up in the Woodsinger Clan in the eastern Harken Forest. From an early age he was trained in swordsmanship to defend the clan from their arch-enemies: the forest goblins. However, when a surprise goblin attack massacred many of the clan, Erdan was implicated. Though unable to produce solid evidence, the elders of the clan banished Erdan from the Harken Forest. Now alone, Erdan seeks to uncover what really happened and restore his position within the clan.

Erdan is proud and aloof. He is not interested in the human goings on in the Nentir Vale and tends to look down on humans if he thinks about them at all. While able to understand Common, he is uncomfortable speaking it. He is at home in the wild, especially forest and has never been to a sizeable settlement. Now living in the forest north of the Kings Road, he keeps to himself and hasn’t seen another soul for some weeks.

Notable Clan & Family

  • Clan Leader: Details to follow
  • Clan grumpy old elder: Details to follow
  • Mother: Therlas (Wild Sky) – A great archer
  • Father: Throsel (Mountain Sage) – A wise old elf who remembers the mountain (not sure which one yet – something in Dawnforge Mountains? – and how this connects to the story)
  • Sister: Details to follow
  • Friends of sister…

Long term quest

Find historic Elven weapon, defeat the goblins (and whoever they’re working for) and unite the Elven peoples.


Shadows in the Dark Flux